Stretch, pinch and twist your photos in crazy ways!

FaceGoo is a fun photo app that allows you to stretch, pinch and twist your photos in crazy ways! Use it to make your friends look silly or your enemies look fat. You can even add funny stickers to your photos to make them even more outrageous.

Interested in FaceGoo but not sure if you want to spend the money? Try FaceGoo Lite! Then upgrade to the full version to unlock more stickers, uploading to Facebook and an advertising-free experience.

Check it out, and you’ll be amazed at how much fun it is to play with FaceGoo!

Click here to download FaceGoo for free!

Key Features

  • Pinch and distort pictures. Play with a photo as if it were elastic.
  • Pick from included sample pictures, your own pictures or from your iPhone camera.
  • Add funny stickers to your pictures and Goo the stickers as part of the picture.
  • Upload screenshots to Facebook and Twitter, or send via email (available in paid version of FaceGoo).
  • Draw messages on your Goo using the new Pen tool.

How to use FaceGoo

  • Choose a picture from the Photo Library or use of the included sample photos.
  • Use up to four fingers to pinch, push, or twist your Goo.

How to use Stickers

  • Pinch the sticker with two fingers to resize and rotate it.
  • Tap outside the sticker to deselect. It can then be Gooed like the rest of the picture.
  • Double-tap a sticker to reselect it.

How to Undo your Goo

  • Shake your iPhone/iPod to undo all your Goo changes and remove any stickers.

If you like FatGoo, FatBooth, Squeeze It, Wobble or Face Melter, you’ll love FaceGoo!


Scrabble meets Tetris!

WORDPLAY is a stylish new social word game. It combines crossword-style gameplay with an awesome gravity twist – creating a unique and fun experience! If you are looking for something different, give WORDPLAY a try.

Click here to download WORDPLAY for free!

Unlike other word games, in WORDPLAY you are not limited to only connecting to existing words on the board. Rather, you can play multiple words in any free spaces on the board. Once you hit PLAY, letters will fall Tetris-like!

Key Features

  • THE GAME – Simple to pick up, but delightfully deep.
  • SOCIAL – Two-player turn-based word game
  • GRAVITY! – Place one or many words anywhere on the board. Then you hit PLAY and watch your words score as they fall.
  • REAL-WORLD OPPONENTS – Play multiple simultaneous games against your Facebook friends or random opponents
  • MASTER THE GAME – includes Game Center leaderboards and achievements!

If you like Words with Friends, Scrabble, SpellTower, or Tetris, we promise you’ll like WORDPLAY!


Gaining weight is now fun!

FatGoo is the ultimate app for creating hilarious fat photos of your friends and family. In just a few clicks, you can see what it looks like to pack on a few or even a *lot* of pounds. You can even customize exactly how the fat looks with your finger!

Interested in FatGoo, but not sure you want to spend the money? Try FatGoo Lite! Then upgrade to the full version to unlock lots more fattening templates, uploading to Facebook/Twitter and an advertising-free experience.

Click here to download FatGoo for free!

Key Features

  • Starting with a camera or gallery photo, FatGoo will detect the face and then magically fatten it.
  • FatGoo offers multiple different kinds of fattening templates – if the double-chin isn’t big enough for you, try triple-chin!
  • Use “Finger Fat” mode to make your photos even more outrageous, stretching and twisting the face fat by touching the screen.
  • Includes over a dozen sample faces you can fatten to your heart’s content. And even more in the paid version.
  • Upload to Facebook and Twitter, or send images via email (available in paid version of FatGoo).

How to use FatGoo

  1. Pick a face photo using your camera, from the Photo Library or using one of the included sample photos.
  2. FatGoo will then automatically find the face in the photo. Front-facing, neutral faces work best!
  3. After detection is complete, FatGoo will ask you to confirm it has detected the facial features correctly.
  4. That’s it – FatGoo will supersize your face. Tap the screen to toggle between the original and enlarged faces.

**Bonus – try the “Customize” button to see other fattening templates, like “Big Head”, “Pig Nose” or “Pie Face”

If you like FatBooth, iFace Fat, or FaceGoo, you’ll love FatGoo!


Like puzzles and finding color-patterns?

The rules of Xob are simple, all you need to do is tap on groups of colored gems, until there are no more groups. The scoring is where things get interesting. The larger the group you tap, the more points you acquire. Sign in using Game Center and see how you rank against your friends on the Leaderboard!

Xob comes with several beautiful scenes, and we’re always updating it with new scenery and sounds. Please enjoy Xob!

Click here to download Xob for free!

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